Acton Adventures

Session 3: We cross the Grasslands

We find the runner, and enter Kobold Hall!

We march south, avoiding the town, heading towards a ford ready to cross the river. Blaze notices that the road is dusty, there has been a lot of traffic on the road, recently. We reach the ford, and ready to cross. On the other side, we follow a worn path through the grasslands on our way to The Witching Fen. We walk single file through the grasslands, until early evening. We come across a corpse. There is a lot of footprints around, the corpse matches the description of the runner Digby Arton sent to The Witching Fen. We scout about, and notice that there are human and kobold footprints leading off to the south, and a single set of hoof prints in the same direction.

We follow the tracks south to some hills and shrubs. We find a door into the hills. And we climb inside.

Doobli immediately looks more comfortable, at home underground. We enter a dark room, with sporadic torchlight illuminating the room. In the middle of the room, there is a glowing green pit of sludge. As we walk in, we see a kobold across the other side of the pit. It yells out an alarm, and runs through the only door we can see. We approach the centre of the room, noticing a porticullus, slightly open. A fight breaks out!!

We fight a number of kobolds, doobli pinning a few of them behind the portcullis. Axis charges the inital group. During the fight, Doobli throws a light torch into the pit of sludge, but we fail to summon the deity that dwells beneath. More kobolds enter from the passage behind the portcullis, but they are unable to enter the fight as the way is blocked. Balardi phase walks begind them, and we fight them on two fronts. Ceranya and Smee help Axis finish off the first group, and we all mop up the group pinned down between Doobli, Blaze and Balardi. After the battle, we push a few corpses into the slime, hoping to coax something to rise up, but are disappointed. More experiments will have to be made!!


And a torch! ;)

Session 3: We cross the Grasslands

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