Acton Adventures

Further journeys in the grasslands

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We emerge from the dungeon after dawn. We decide to head to miller’s rest, crossing the grasslands and hills. We arrive at noon. From a distance, we see that millar’s rest is about the same size as Johns Bridge, a small town center with a few houses around. We enter the town, noticing a lot of beggars and street urchins. We notice a lot of the buildings on the mountain said of the town are burned. We see 5 shops: an Inn, a Blacksmith, a Temple, a Supply/Apocathary shop and a Tannery. We do some shopping, but don’t get much Balardi gets some spears.

Smee heads into the the Inn to find out if there is a path through the Fen. He approaches the Innkeep. She says that no one usually enters the fen. He then questions about the burning buildings. Seems that orcs attack the town on a regular basis. They have a fort in the hills to the north east. The Innkeep suggests we talk to The Reeve to find out more, but we cannot find him. We head to the fen. It steadily gets more marchy. Doobli leads us through the swamp. Blaze notices a ripple in the water, and we stop, a crocodile lunges out at balardi, but she avoids the attack. It lunges again, and latches on to his leg! Blaze dodges around the crocodile’s flank but was unable to land an attack. A lizard man jumps out of the water, and yells in draconic: “Damm you we have been tracking this one for days!”. Ceranya yells back that we have no need for the meat, and asks him to assist. He joins the fray.

Ceranya hits it with a ray of frost, and Axis hits it, blood now pouring from it’s flank. The Lizard man whistles and a horde of lizard guys attack us! Axis asks what is going on, and the lizard yells: “More Meat!” Axis strikes the crocodile and kills it, then turns and breathes on a bunch of lizard guys, killing 5 of them. Ceranya fires an acid arrow at more of them, killing 1 and spashing acid over the lizard dude. Balardi strikes out at a lizard guy, killing him. The lizard dude summons a cloud of gas, shrouding balardi and axis. Axis steps out of the cloud and throws a heal on Balardi. Ceranya breathes on some lizard guys, killing 2. Blaze kills another. Doobli and Blaze attack the lizard guy, and he responds by casting a spell to force the swamp to grab at them. Ceranya kills another lizard guy, and blaze manages to free herself. The party box the lizard dude in. Smee finally manages to strike at the enemy, killing the lizard dude and the final lizard guy. We get xp and Balardi get elardrin armour (1 phase step and +1 AC). We also find a +1 Lifedrinker war hammer (5 temp hp on kill, 5 necrotic dmg on crit) and 150g.



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