Acton Adventures

further in the fen

After the battle, we continue to press on into the evening. We come to a raised bit of solid ground, kinda looks like flemeth’s hut. We find some torches littered about the hut. There is a lean-to next to the hut. Doobli triggers a trap …. again, and is encased in ice. We call out and an old hagged, skinny lady steps out and asks us what we want. Ceranya explains that we come in peace, and she frees doobli. She interudces herself as Ms Grace. Balardi asks her about the ring, she says that payment is needed for her services, in the form of a quest (we may have also given her a ring). She asks us to go weed her garden. She also offers us discounted access to her humble shop, if we do her task. She lets us rest in the hut, first. She shows us the trinkets she can sell.

In the morning we follow a path to the north east, towards a forest inside the swamp. The forest is hard work, the trees are thick and the weather is muggy. The forest opens up and we see a clearing, with a corpse inside. We notice that many of the plants are common household herbs and vegetables but we also notice that 4 of the trees are bloodvines, the pulp is used for healing, but if left unchecked they become dangerous and sentient. Axis leads us in the approach. We hear a noise, a small bat-like creature leaves the nearby trees Balardi leads the attack, striking at the bat-thing. Doobli kills the bat, and the vines approach. Another bat flies out of the forest, and latches on to Ceranya’s neck. She shakes it off, and attacks the vines. Smee fires arrows at the bat, while vines stab at Blaze and Axis. Another bat flies out of the forest and latches onto smee’s neck. Blaze dashes across the field and attacks the bat on the ground, nearly killing it. Axis swings at the vine that is pinning him. A final bat flies out and flaps about doobli, but does not attack. Balardi phase steps through the fight, but is caught by another bloodvine and dragged away. Doobli heals the damaged, and ceranya attacks the vine dragging Balardi away, and kills it. Smee knocks the bat off his neck, and puts an arrow through it. The spikes in axis’s shoulders grow, tearing the wounds.

Axis fights back, with blaze and blardi jumping forward to assist, killing it. The other vine grows it’s spikes in axis, healing and badly hurting him. Doobli heals axis, while ceranya fires a ray of frost at the vine. Smee shoots an arrow at the bat on Doobli’s back, knocking it off. Axis dragon breathes over the remaining plants, injuring them. Balardi kills the vine holding axis, freeing him. Axis strikes the vine down, leaving a bat remaining. blaze puts it down.

On the corpse we find bloodcut leather (1 AC crimson tinge when active When bloodied resist 10 to all damage as minor), 90g and a bow (1 thunderburst long bow, crits do damage, and once day thunder). 150 xp.

We go back to Ms Grace. she gives us an amulet of protection +2, a ring worth 120g and 120g gold. We also get 100xp. She tells us that the ring is very important in the history of the land. It’s called the baron’s signet ring, and is the title of office for the baron of greenhaven. no one has heard of the ring in a very long time.



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