Acton Adventures

Session 1: Escaping the Gold Lion Inn

Roof-top chase with a useless NPC. What fun for beginners!

We met at The Gold Lion Inn, Bailinford. Blaze introduces us to Digby Arton. He welcomes us, and informs us that has a job for 6 people. He is about to explain further when 3 The Red Guard burst in, demanding that Arton hand over an item (The Ring?) he has that they claim belongs to The Chancellor. Arton, makes an escape up the stairs, inviting us to follow. Doobli infroms the group that The Red Guard are the police of Bailinford and enforcers of The Chancellor. We decide to attack!

The fight is short, so we check the front door of the Inn, and we see 20 more guard heading our way. Arton leads is up stairs to the second floor, telling us that he knows of a secret escape route to his house. We enter a room in the upper floor while Ceranya makes a distraction and Doobli blocks the door with a bed.

We follow Arton out the window and run along the rooftops, Ceranya nearly falls but Balardi catches her, knocking some tiles onto some guards below, alerting them. Guards appear in the window where we came from, following us. We jump onto a new roof, but Axis and Blaze nearly fall off there, too. We catch them, but the guards see us and follow along, shouting: “we know where you are going!”

We run along the roofs, coming to a wide gap that is too too far to jump. Balardi tries to throw a rope across. It misses, so Smee has a try and lands it. We see 5 guards below. Ceranya makes a distraction at the entrance to the alley, one guard goes to check it out. Blaze tries to convince them that we have archers trained on them, and if they value their lives, they should leave. They don’t believe us, and threaten us further.

We throw another rope across, and place a ladder across. Blaze jumps across, while the guards throw a dagger, hitting her in the thigh. She makes it across, bleeding slightly. Axis makes it, as does Doobli, Ceranya and Balardi. Arton runs and slips, but we provide covering fire while he pulls himself up. Smee makes it too, and we run along the rest of the rest of the roof, jumping the smaller gap… But Balardi doesn’t make it!

Arton suggests that Balardi can run around to the front of Arton’s House, but he almost runs into the guards manning the front door. Ceranya whispers in Balardi ear: “stop” and Axis and Arton decide to drop a rope down. Balardi climbs up, but makes some noise while doing so. However, the guards at the front of the house are still none the wiser.

We stop on the roof and Arton gives us 60g for helping him, and a Sharp Sword (which Blaze took). He also told us about a ring found in , and the best person to tell him more about it lives in The Witching Fen. He dispatched The Ring by way of a runner to the fen for identification, but the man he sent didn’t return. He promises further rewards if we follow the runner and find out why he did not return. Before we leave though, Arton promises to equip us for the journey if we help him gain entry to his house.

Blaze climbs down the ladder into the alleyway behind the house, to scout ahead. She cannot see anything, so we all join her. Smee takes Arton’s keys and opens the door quietly. Meanwhile a guard comes around the corner and spots the group. He calls out to others! They attack.

After a pitched battle in the alley, that spills into Arton’s house the last guard dropped his weapons. We interrogated him, but he knows nothing. We argue about what to do with him, some favouring killing him, others want to free him, or try to persuade him to help us escape. In the end we tied him up and Arton suggests we leave town, and suggests we head north to Johns Bridge to the inn. He also gives us some gold a Never-ending Picnic Basket.

We head to Johns Bridge, and book a room in the inn for the night.



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