The Ring

Giver: Digby Arton

This is the main quest of the campaign

The following is known about the ring, so far:

  • It was found in The Ruins of Greenhaven
  • The current owner is Digby Arton, though he dispatched a runner to carry it The Witching Fen where a person is able to identify it
  • It is desired by The Chancellor, who has sent members of The Red Guard after us
  • While following the trail across The Grasslands to The Witching Fen, the party found the runner dead, the ring is not on the corpse, and kobold tracks (along with hoof prints) lead way to Kobold Hall
  • Deep within Kobold Hall, the ring was found in Szartharrax’s Hoard.
  • The ring was identified by Miss Grace. The ring was previously owned by the last Duke of Greenhaven. When the Duke died, this ring was not found immediately, and was only recovered in the ruins of the city 50 years later. Miss Grace also identified that the ring has some strongly magical properties, but would not identify them.
  • The was successfully delivered to Arton

The Ring

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