Gemondethus’s Farm

Quest Giver: Gemondethus Reward: 60g, two healing potions and Catstep Boots Complete

Home of Gemondethus and his son, Fruthondethus.

Gemondethus is the ‘head farmer’ of the region, and council member. He charges us with finding the source of the cattle mutilations happening around Johns Bridge. We investigate a number of farms, and are hinted towards Fruthondethus, but miss the hint at the time.

We decide that our best chance of finding out more is to camp out in the woods overlooking Gemondethus’s Farm, and during the night we spy a group of men butchering cattle. We go investigate, and discover that the men are being led by Fruthondethus! We fight the men, and in the brawl set fire to the barn (opps :P) and the noise wakes Gemondethus, who forces everyone to stand down. We question Fruthondethus, who tells us that The Chancellor was paying him to run the farmers off the land, possibly in a land grab. He knows nothing more.

Gemondethus’s Farm

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