Tag: The Farmer’s Plight


  • Johns Bridge

    A town of [[Eastworld]] further up river from [[Bailinford]]. The town itself is named after the bridge that crosses the river. The town has a outlying farmers community. Known Locations in town: * [[Johns Bridge Inn]] * [[Lucy| Lucy's House]] * …

  • Gemondethus’s Farm

    *Quest* Giver: Gemondethus Reward: 60g, two healing potions and [[:catstep-boots]] *Complete* Home of Gemondethus and his son, [[Fruthondethus]]. Gemondethus is the 'head farmer' of the region, and council member. He charges us with finding the …

  • Fruthondethus

    Son of [[Gemondethus’s Farm|Gemondethus]], he was the main instigator of the cattle mutilations around [[Johns Bridge]]. We caught him and his men red-handed, an in the ensuing battle set fire to the barn. He hand him over to his father.