Tag: Find Lucy


  • Johns Bridge

    A town of [[Eastworld]] further up river from [[Bailinford]]. The town itself is named after the bridge that crosses the river. The town has a outlying farmers community. Known Locations in town: * [[Johns Bridge Inn]] * [[Lucy| Lucy's House]] * …

  • Lucy

    *Quest* giver: Lucy's Father, Reward: 60g *complete* Lucy is a small girl with a very big [[Jason|dog]]. She would often walk her dog along the farmland, during the evenings. Her father didn't like the look in the dog's eyes. On the night of her …

  • Jason

    A wolfwere (the inverse of a werewolf) who took Lucy prisoner and chained her up in a cave. He promised he that he would take her away from [[Johns Bridge]] but seemed to be conning her. We fought him in the cave and defeated him there.