Acton Adventures

further in the fen

After the battle, we continue to press on into the evening. We come to a raised bit of solid ground, kinda looks like flemeth’s hut. We find some torches littered about the hut. There is a lean-to next to the hut. Doobli triggers a trap …. again, and is encased in ice. We call out and an old hagged, skinny lady steps out and asks us what we want. Ceranya explains that we come in peace, and she frees doobli. She interudces herself as Ms Grace. Balardi asks her about the ring, she says that payment is needed for her services, in the form of a quest (we may have also given her a ring). She asks us to go weed her garden. She also offers us discounted access to her humble shop, if we do her task. She lets us rest in the hut, first. She shows us the trinkets she can sell.

In the morning we follow a path to the north east, towards a forest inside the swamp. The forest is hard work, the trees are thick and the weather is muggy. The forest opens up and we see a clearing, with a corpse inside. We notice that many of the plants are common household herbs and vegetables but we also notice that 4 of the trees are bloodvines, the pulp is used for healing, but if left unchecked they become dangerous and sentient. Axis leads us in the approach. We hear a noise, a small bat-like creature leaves the nearby trees Balardi leads the attack, striking at the bat-thing. Doobli kills the bat, and the vines approach. Another bat flies out of the forest, and latches on to Ceranya’s neck. She shakes it off, and attacks the vines. Smee fires arrows at the bat, while vines stab at Blaze and Axis. Another bat flies out of the forest and latches onto smee’s neck. Blaze dashes across the field and attacks the bat on the ground, nearly killing it. Axis swings at the vine that is pinning him. A final bat flies out and flaps about doobli, but does not attack. Balardi phase steps through the fight, but is caught by another bloodvine and dragged away. Doobli heals the damaged, and ceranya attacks the vine dragging Balardi away, and kills it. Smee knocks the bat off his neck, and puts an arrow through it. The spikes in axis’s shoulders grow, tearing the wounds.

Axis fights back, with blaze and blardi jumping forward to assist, killing it. The other vine grows it’s spikes in axis, healing and badly hurting him. Doobli heals axis, while ceranya fires a ray of frost at the vine. Smee shoots an arrow at the bat on Doobli’s back, knocking it off. Axis dragon breathes over the remaining plants, injuring them. Balardi kills the vine holding axis, freeing him. Axis strikes the vine down, leaving a bat remaining. blaze puts it down.

On the corpse we find bloodcut leather (1 AC crimson tinge when active When bloodied resist 10 to all damage as minor), 90g and a bow (1 thunderburst long bow, crits do damage, and once day thunder). 150 xp.

We go back to Ms Grace. she gives us an amulet of protection +2, a ring worth 120g and 120g gold. We also get 100xp. She tells us that the ring is very important in the history of the land. It’s called the baron’s signet ring, and is the title of office for the baron of greenhaven. no one has heard of the ring in a very long time.

Further journeys in the grasslands

Insert RP here

We emerge from the dungeon after dawn. We decide to head to miller’s rest, crossing the grasslands and hills. We arrive at noon. From a distance, we see that millar’s rest is about the same size as Johns Bridge, a small town center with a few houses around. We enter the town, noticing a lot of beggars and street urchins. We notice a lot of the buildings on the mountain said of the town are burned. We see 5 shops: an Inn, a Blacksmith, a Temple, a Supply/Apocathary shop and a Tannery. We do some shopping, but don’t get much Balardi gets some spears.

Smee heads into the the Inn to find out if there is a path through the Fen. He approaches the Innkeep. She says that no one usually enters the fen. He then questions about the burning buildings. Seems that orcs attack the town on a regular basis. They have a fort in the hills to the north east. The Innkeep suggests we talk to The Reeve to find out more, but we cannot find him. We head to the fen. It steadily gets more marchy. Doobli leads us through the swamp. Blaze notices a ripple in the water, and we stop, a crocodile lunges out at balardi, but she avoids the attack. It lunges again, and latches on to his leg! Blaze dodges around the crocodile’s flank but was unable to land an attack. A lizard man jumps out of the water, and yells in draconic: “Damm you we have been tracking this one for days!”. Ceranya yells back that we have no need for the meat, and asks him to assist. He joins the fray.

Ceranya hits it with a ray of frost, and Axis hits it, blood now pouring from it’s flank. The Lizard man whistles and a horde of lizard guys attack us! Axis asks what is going on, and the lizard yells: “More Meat!” Axis strikes the crocodile and kills it, then turns and breathes on a bunch of lizard guys, killing 5 of them. Ceranya fires an acid arrow at more of them, killing 1 and spashing acid over the lizard dude. Balardi strikes out at a lizard guy, killing him. The lizard dude summons a cloud of gas, shrouding balardi and axis. Axis steps out of the cloud and throws a heal on Balardi. Ceranya breathes on some lizard guys, killing 2. Blaze kills another. Doobli and Blaze attack the lizard guy, and he responds by casting a spell to force the swamp to grab at them. Ceranya kills another lizard guy, and blaze manages to free herself. The party box the lizard dude in. Smee finally manages to strike at the enemy, killing the lizard dude and the final lizard guy. We get xp and Balardi get elardrin armour (1 phase step and +1 AC). We also find a +1 Lifedrinker war hammer (5 temp hp on kill, 5 necrotic dmg on crit) and 150g.

Session 5: the under-caves

We carefully make our way down the stairs, with Blaze leading. She sees a massive cavern with a frozen underground lake. In the far corner, cave passages stretch into darkness. Blaze sees human, horse and drake footprints all over the cave. A roar comes from the back of the cavern: we are under fire from an Ice Dragon!

The Ice Dragon rushes us and exhales icy breath on the party. While we are surprised, the dragon claws at Axis, but misses. We scatter and start to press the attack. Balardi‘s war cry inspires us, though it also confuses us a little. Doobli heals himself and Smee of wounds of the dragon’s breath, while Blaze flanks the dragon and the attack commences. Axis challenges the dragon, forcing its attacks against him. The dragon swipes again then roars, stunning the group. We recover, and continue to attack. The dragon strikes hard at axis, knocking him out. Balardi rushes to his aid, and heals him. We press on, and the dragon shows signs of weakening. The dragon breathes again, and Doobli falls. Barlardi and Axis rush to his aid, but fail to awaken the dwarf.

The Dragon turns and breathes on Blaze, hurting her badly. As the Dragon turns back to Axis, Blaze reaches in her pack for a healing potion and throws it to him. Unluckily, they both fumble and the potion rolls across the floor, out of reach. Finally Barlardi manages to awaken Doobli. He recovers, and we push the final attack. Axis lunges at the wounded dragon, and Ceranya finishes it off with a Magic Missile.

In the far corner of the icy cavern is a pile of dragon treasure. We find 252g and a set of armor (Chainmail, Exalted Armour. 1 AC, Grants daily minor each creature gains 1d10char). Also find 2 rings, one is a ruby set ring, the other matches artons ring description. The horse’s corpse and two notes are also found. The first note declares the kobold clan’s allegiance to the dragon we killed; the second contains magic blue runes, written in a language we don’t know. Balardi thinks it might be deep-speach. We rest.

Session 5: Deeper into the Halls
boss battle!!

We look ahead down the hallway and see a larger cavern, with a high ledge. Blaze stealths into the room and looks around. she sees other ledges along the walls, with stairs going up. On one of the ledges, a large bolder is resting. Smee slealths in too, and is seen! He notices a smaller, flying drake in the corner, and 2 kobolds on a stairway. The drake squeals in delight and attacks Smee, it tries to steal something from his belt, and fails. Dooblie charges in when he hears the cry and strikes the drake. Smee jumps back and fires and arrow into it’s leg. Ceranya runs around the corner raises her hand, an acid arrow cuts through the air and slashes over the kobolds at the other side of the room. Balardi strikes at the drake, his warcry strengthening our resolve. The drake cries out, dead.

Blaze readies her sling, and flings a rock at the kobolds on the stairs, she hits him. The kobold yells and calls out for his “Boss”. A slinger appears on the wall above us, and starts flinging rocks at the party. a rock grazes Blaze. We hear a rumble, and a giant ghostly hand starts pushing the boulder towards us. The kobold with a staff and eldrich robes appears on the ledge, and fires and orb at Doobli, which staggers him back. Smee notches 2 arrows and fires them at a slinger on the nearer edge, they sink into his flank. A drake appears from a gap in the cavern wall, swoops at doobli and scratches him, before returning to it’s nook. A slinger fires a glue shot at Doobli too, sticking him to the floor. Ceranya fires a force orb at the slingers above us, it detonates in their faces and burns them badly. Balardi focuses healing energy on Doobli, and he recovers somewhat. A shield kobold standing next to Doobli strikes him with his sword, blooding him. Axis charges into the nook and attacks the drake, while Blaze fires apron the slingers on the closer ledge. Doobli heals himself, recovering a little. He cries out to the Raven Goddess, but fails to free himself.

The ghostly hand appears again, and shoves the boulder over Doobli, only he manages to duck down into a nearby stairwell and avoid damage. The caster kobold raises his staff, and fires an orb at Axis, striking him in the legs. Smee runs around the central column, and fires two arrows at the caster kobold, striking him in the shoulder. A slinger on the central pillar fires a glue arrow at Ceranya, sticking her to the floor. The drake flies over Axis’s head, who strikes at him, before the drake scratches at Doobli. A slinger turns and fires at Smee, sticking him to the floor too. Ceranya fires a ray of frost at a slinger, scorching him.

Balardi phase steps through the fey world and appears behind the shield kobolds, who jump back up the stairs. Balardi stabs at the nearest one, killing him. The remaining shield bearer attacks balardi, but misses. Axis charges up the stairs and attacks the remaining shield bearer. Blaze runs around the boulder and stabs at the drake. Doobli flings a throwing at the shield bearer, striking him fairly in the face. He then breaks free of the glue, and charges at the drake. The caster kobold and the shield bearer reposition themselves to allow the caster to breath fire down on the party below. He singes the top of Blaze and Axis’s heads. Smee attacks the drake, striking him in the back, the drake turns and flies up and steals Smee’s money pouch!

Ceranya fires a ray of frost at a slinger, striking her. Balardi charges at a slinger and stabs at her, killing her. Blaze moves towards Smee, and readies her sling. The caster fires an orb from his staff at Axis. The Drake flies over Blaze’s head, takes a swipe, then flies over the doors in the central ledge, moving out of sight. Ceranya fires a ray of frost at the remaining slinger, and balardi throws a spear at him, killing him. The shield bearer darts forward and stabs Axis, retreating again. The ghost hand pushes the boulder around the corner and crushes Balardi, mutilating her. The caster fires at Balardi, and she fall’s unconscious. Smee darts out, fires on the caster, then ducks up a stairway to the far ledge. Ceranya helps Balardi heal with a potion, then spins around to fire on the shield bearer. Doobli heals Axis, and they run out of the path of the boulder, just in time. THe drake flies out and attacks Ceranya, knocking her unconscious. Balardi back to cover to encourage the Caster to come out of his hiding place. Axis and Doobli heal Ceranya, and the ghost hand pushes the boulder back towards the group. Doobli drags Ceranya out of the way of the incoming boulder. Ceryana lights a fireball under him. Axis charges up the steps and attacks the shield bearer. With Balardi’s help, he kills the bearer. Smee draws a bead on the Drake, and kills it. Ceranya’s fireball kills the caster, and the battle ends.

On the Caster we find a magical staff (1 of the war-mage +1hit +1 damage and crit does max damage + 1d8 and daily action of blast effect radius +1), a magic helm (1 initiative, and can swap with someone at roll time), and a key. We don’t manage to open the chest with the key, but Blaze lock picks it. We find 48g and a note (in draconic). The note is a letter to the caster. It implies that the kobolds are building some ‘holy site’ to Tiamat. We rest. After resting we discover a secret door, and Axis uses the key to open a hidden door.

Session 4: battles in Kobold Hall
We fight our way deeper into the hall

In the corridor past the open portcullis, we notice stairs going down. Blaze stealths ahead. She walks into a room with four stone coffins showing abuse from age and looters. The room has suits of armour in the nooks along the walls. There is an altar to Tiamat in the corner. Standing in front of the altar are 5 kobolds. On the altar is a horses head.

Blaze and Smee stealth in in to set up. Doobli enters the room, but triggers a dart trap. The sound of the trap alerts the kobolds. Doobli takes the initiative and attacks! We charge up to the kobolds, who form a line against us. In the frey Ceranya force orbs the kobolds, damaging axis and doobli. In a battle fury, Balardi takes a swing at doobli! We defeat the kobolds without too much fuss.

Doobli goes to check out the altar, it seems the horse was killed about a day ago. We also notice a couple of gems and a pouch of money. The gems are worth 200g, and 90g in the pouch. Axis takes care of them, for the group. We also find 12g on the kobolds.

Blaze attempts to stealth into the next room, but trips and falls, alerting the kobolds standing there. She sees what was once a tomb, turned into a kobold playground. At the far end of the room is a 10f high walkway, with a door at ground level recessed into it. A rope is attached to the ceiling, the other end has a slime covered rock in the hands of a kobold on the wall. A number of kobold also stand on the wall.

Smee leaps over Blaze and fires wildly. Ceranya quickly follows, firing frost rays at the kobolds, successfully striking them. She takes cover behind a tomb. One of the kobolds falls, struck dead from her ice attacks. As he dies, the kobold drops the slime-rock and it swings across the room and is caught by the another kolbold on the backswing.

Balardi helps Blaze up. A kobold takes a shot at Smee, sticking him to the floor with glue. Doobli also takes a hit, and is immobilised by the kobold’s glue. Blaze takes a shot at one of the kobolds, killing him instantly. He drops the stone, and it arcs across the room, and is caught by another kobold, who flings it at Doobli. It sails over his head and is caught by another kobold on the walkway.

Smee frees himself from the glue and fires a shot at the kobold that stuck him down, killing him instantly. A second kobold returns fire at Blaze, gluing her to the ground and damaging her. Axis walks up to the door and, with a gleam in his eye, knocks. Nothing happens. Ceranya takes another shot, but the frost Ray shoots high. Doobli struggles with the glue, but does not free himself. Meanwhile a kobold takes a shot at axis, sticking him to the floor, too.

Blaze flings a rock into a kobold on the walkway, wounding him. Smee fires an arrow at him too, but shoots wildly and nearly takes out balardi. His second shot knocks the kobold off the ledge, however, killing him. While the arrows are whizzing over axis’s head, he starts to beat down the door. Ceranya fires another frost ray at the kobolds, freeze burning one of them. He releases the slime-covered rock and it arcs over our heads at us, but the kobold fumbles the catch and loses control of it.

Balardi charges the wall and stabs at the kobolds on the walkway with his spear. Incensed, the kobolds rain spears and rocks down at us. Doobli prays to the raven-goddess, and with a holy fury bursts out of the glue trap. He charges at the door to assist axis, and with a cry of “stand aside, pip-squeak! I will show how it’s done!” He smashes down one side of the doors.

The door falls and two drakes burst through. The first charges at doobli, snapping at him. Doobli spins to avoid the blow. The second drake seizes him by the arm and flicks him about. Smee notches 2 arrows into his bow and fires, felling the remaining kobolds. The party focusses their attacks on the drakes!

Axis utters a battle cry and sinks his mace into the nearest drake’s face, blinding it in one eye. Ceranya follows up with a frost ray, freezing it’s legs. Balardi focuses her healing energy on doobli and magically mends his arm. The group focuses on the the drake on the right, blaze screeching a drake like noise, confusing the drake as she hits. The drake lashes out and strikes Doobli with a heavy blow. Smee retaliates with an arrow into it’s soft exposed underbelly. Axis lays a healing hand on Doobli, allowing the dwarf to recover, somewhat. Ceyania fires another frost ray at the drake, burning a massive hole in it’s side.

A third drake jumps off the ledge and pounces on balardi,tearing at him. Doobli summons a beacon of hope, healing the party. He then calls a healing word on himself, healing his wounds. Blaze dives behind the new drake, striking it a blow to the head and dazing it. Smee kills the wounded drake, and it’s partner heads up towards a ramp. Axis focuses his divine power and shoots a radiant beam at the new drake, dazing it. Ceranya presses the advantage with a frost ray, while Blaze strikes at it with her sword. The drake staggers back, bleeding profusely. Doobli jumps up onto the nearby coffin, and drives his hammer down on the head and crushes it.

The surviving drake charges at the group. Smee sinks two arrows into it’s flank as it charges at snaps at axis. He blocks with his shield and follows with a glancing blow with his mace. Doolbi swings and with his mace and bludgeons it with his mace, allowing Blaze an opening. She takes full advantage, and drives her sword deep into it’s back, killing it.

We search the kobold bodies and gather 120g. Smee finds a crystal that could well dominate the will of others. Ahead we see a the double corridor ending in a junction, with two corridors leading off.

Session 3: We cross the Grasslands
We find the runner, and enter Kobold Hall!

We march south, avoiding the town, heading towards a ford ready to cross the river. Blaze notices that the road is dusty, there has been a lot of traffic on the road, recently. We reach the ford, and ready to cross. On the other side, we follow a worn path through the grasslands on our way to The Witching Fen. We walk single file through the grasslands, until early evening. We come across a corpse. There is a lot of footprints around, the corpse matches the description of the runner Digby Arton sent to The Witching Fen. We scout about, and notice that there are human and kobold footprints leading off to the south, and a single set of hoof prints in the same direction.

We follow the tracks south to some hills and shrubs. We find a door into the hills. And we climb inside.

Doobli immediately looks more comfortable, at home underground. We enter a dark room, with sporadic torchlight illuminating the room. In the middle of the room, there is a glowing green pit of sludge. As we walk in, we see a kobold across the other side of the pit. It yells out an alarm, and runs through the only door we can see. We approach the centre of the room, noticing a porticullus, slightly open. A fight breaks out!!

We fight a number of kobolds, doobli pinning a few of them behind the portcullis. Axis charges the inital group. During the fight, Doobli throws a light torch into the pit of sludge, but we fail to summon the deity that dwells beneath. More kobolds enter from the passage behind the portcullis, but they are unable to enter the fight as the way is blocked. Balardi phase walks begind them, and we fight them on two fronts. Ceranya and Smee help Axis finish off the first group, and we all mop up the group pinned down between Doobli, Blaze and Balardi. After the battle, we push a few corpses into the slime, hoping to coax something to rise up, but are disappointed. More experiments will have to be made!!

Session 3: The Battle of the Cows!
We fight, set fire to a barn, and are rewarded!

Blaze sees some wood fences, and past them, sees 3 or 4 torchlights in the field. Blaze wakes us up. Doobli goes out to investigate, and sees a bunch of men standing around a freshly mutilated corpse. We try to sneak behind a nearby barn, and are seen! We are appoached by the leader of the gang, who turns out to be Fruthondethus. He attacks, and men open windows in the barn and start shooting us.

During the battle, Dooblie sets the barn on fire. and we pin a number of Fruthondethus’s Gang inside. Fruthondethus runs off into the darkness. We fight for a bit, then Gemondethus shows up, and demands the fighting stops!

We stop the fight, and stand down. We show Gemondethus the body, and fruthedethus comes back, to say that he was paid to chase the farmers out of town. Gemondethus offers us to take us to back to the farmstead for a reward. Blaze intimidates fruthedethus, and he reveals that the chancellor of bailinford is paying him to run the farmers off the land, so the chancellor can buy the land cheap.

We head to the farm house and gemondethus gives us 60g, healing pots x2 and a pair of Catstep Boots. We also get xp. gemondethus thanks us, and offers us a place to stay whenever we wanted. We sleep at the farmhouse. The next morning, gemondethus wakes us and warns us that some one has come to the door, asking after us and wanting to speak to the son. We choose to leave.

Session 2: Johns Bridge Misadventures
Side-quests ahoy! Who cares about the evil henchman asking about our whereabouts, we've got a mystery to solve!

We arrived at Johns Bridge at midnight. The Inn Keeper was mildly put out by our late arrival, but offers us rooms anyway. We slept the night.

We all wake, and go down stairs. It’s cold out, but warm in the tavern. The inn keeper is cooking us breakfast. Barlardi gets directions to the marsh… Well, a path over the grasslands. The Innkeep tells us stories of goblins and kobolds etc. He also lets us know that a man on horseback, came looking for us from [[Bailinford]. A member of The Red Guard. Innkeep says that he holds no care for them and so he did not say anything.

He implied that there might be some problems around the town, but Ceranya suggests we move on quickly. Barladi asks for more info, but we don’t get much. Only a name, Gemondethus. He is a farmer and council member, lives 1/2 a mile north of the town.

We walk to the farmstead, and Barladi goes and knocks on the door. It is answered by a young man who looks surprised. Barladi enquires, and he suggests that we might be looking for Lucy...? Barladi suggests we talk to Gemondethus. The young man gets his dad: he asks what we want… Barladi says we can help.

He tells us that a few weeks ago one of the farmers reported that 3 of his cattle were mutilated. Since then, 2 other framers have reported the loss of 3 cattle each. No one knows why. As a side issue, he points us to Lucy’s parents. He suggested there is no correlation between the events, and no leads to speak of. He did point us to the other farmers: Froakesongstealer, Pans Pegassion and Marven Chauster. Marvin lives over the road, pans and froaks live on the south side of town. There are two other farms who haven’t been hit yet. Belbourn Conner, who lives to the west and Seahand Fletcher, who lives out east across the bridge.

We go see Marvin, he shows us the corpses of the cows on his farm. Doobli notices that the cows are stripped, butcher style. He also tells us that Gemondethus does the meat processing once the cows are carved up. He tells us that Belbourn and Seahand are enemies. We also notice that there are a lot of human footprints around the bodies.

We go to see Belbourn, walking through town to get there. His farm is smaller, with more sheep. Belbourn immediately blames Seahand. He also tells us that the price of cow is better then sheep.

We walk to Seahand’s farm, back through town. As we cross the bridge we see a fisherman who is watching us. We ask him if he knows anything about Lucy and the cows. Fisherman knows nothing. We move on to Seahands’.

We knock and another farmer answers the door. He blames Belbourn. He also knows nothing about Lucy. He does let us search his farm, we found nothing.

We go see Lucy’s parents place, and persuade them to talk to us. She was going for a walk with a big dog she found. They walked out north (near Marven’s Farm). Meanwhile, balardi asks Belbourn if he know about Lucy. He knows nothing.

We go see froaks. He excitedly shows us the corpses. Same scene as before. Froaks tells us that all the other farmers are weird, but feels that farmers are strange :) he has no suspicions. He points us towards Gemondethus’s son. Same thing for pans.

We go to back see Marven, and ask about Lucy. He tells us she walks the dog in the forest to the north. We go look. We see some disturbed bushes, and follow a rough path. We come across a big cave. Blaze sees a girl wearing normal clothes who is chained up, a MASSIVE dog sleeping in front of her.

We carefully approach and Doobli notices she is unharmed, but asleep. Trace notices that she is magically asleep. Doobli gets too close and the wolf charges. The dog attacks, and we carefully attack. During the battle, Blaze and Balardi attempt to break the chain that ties Lucy to the rockface. Once lucy is free, they try to use the chain to subdue the dog, but he is too ferocious. He howls, and more wolves enter the cave! We fight them off, and Axis managed to get a killing blow on the wolf. Lucy wakes up, and yells: “Jason!!” (press x)

Lucy is beside herself, she believed the dog (who we realised now is a wolfwere) was her only friend. He had promised to take her away from Johns Bridge, and it seems had chained her there till nightfall, where he could be human again. We lead Lucy home to her parents. Her father is happy to see her, and rewards us with 60g.

We decide to rest in the forest overlooking Gemondethus’s Farm, hoping that the gamble will pay off, and we can find out more about the cattle killing. Later that night, when Blaze is on watch, she hears movement in the herd…

Session 1: [RP] On the Road to Johns Bridge

Blaze strides enthusiastically into the night. The group of adventurers have made their hasty departure from Balinford, and are travelling along a dusty road to John’s Bridge. Being the main route from Balinford to Greenhaven, the road is wide and still quite sound, although a few plants have started to thrust themselves into cracks.

Blaze has travelled this road a few times with her friend Arton, but not as far as Greenhaven. She is happy just to be outside in the wild – with new friends, no less!

She grins at the old man by her side and says, “So, can we call you Barly? You have some pretty good moves for an old man!”. She winks at the dragonborn paladin who is trailing just behind.

Ceranya called a soft light to her staff, to lighten the road in the growing dark. While the Tiefling bounced and chattered away Ceranya quietly studied Axis. It was not so long ago that she had fled her people, for fear of an unwanted marriage, and she was wary that her plight would be exposed to this group of strangers, most especially the stern dragonborn warrior trailing at the back of the group.

With luck the road to Johns Bridge would be peaceful and she would have time to assess the character of these strange new companions she had found herself travelling with.

Axis trudges along the road lost in thought. Unsure how he has ended up with such an unlikely group he ponders how he may fit in. Annoyed at the fox slinking around his feet he kicks out without much intention so that he may walk in peace.

Axis decides to enjoy walking through the night with this unique company. Despite his reservations the group has encountered several obstacles and come through with barely an injury. The encounters were fought with honour and, with the promise of rewards, there is little to complain about.

Breathing in the fresh night air Axis looks ahead and walks on….

The road stretches on, Doobli trudges along, its good to be on the road again. Every now and then he remembers that the rest of the group are there and he stops his muttering, but his uneasy feelings soon surface again, and the muttering surfaces too. At least no one understands dwarvish … and certainly not the ancient dialect his order sometimes speaks.

Leaving the guard alive in Balinford left him feeling decidedly exposed, his gut feeling was to send the guard to the Raven Queen. Maybe his indecision in Arton’s house is the answer and things turned out the way they should. Or, maybe the influence of other, less dedicated people (at least in the eyes of the Raven Goddess) distracted him from what needed to be done. Maybe he can slip back to the city and take care of things himself before anyone can notice. Dwarves are faster on the road than the stereotypes give them credit for after all, he just needs a distraction.

Miles later … still muttering away outloud, Doobli notices everyone listening in on the tiefling chattering away to Arton.

Pleasant enough conversation …

Hopefully it is distraction enough too ….

Barladi, smiles to himself as he travels along with his new “friends”. It’s been quite some time since he’s travelled alongside people, he finds it’s a nice change. He hopes they will all get on, they do seem a young blood thirsty lot ready to charge into battle. He sighs to himself how many countless battles had he fought in his time? Maybe they are right, perhaps age has indeed caught up to him. He flexes his arm still feeling the muscles ripple underneath his skin. Was I once as eager to battle in my youth? The sound of the young tiefling’s voice shatters his thoughts. He chuckles “You may call me as you please”

Blaze claps her hands together. “Then I shall call you Barly! You guys are so great!” Her eyes flicker towards the dwarf lurking at the back of the group. “… except for you. You’re a bit grim.”

“Anyway. I’m so glad we’re nearly at Johns Bridge! I can’t wait to travel new roads tomorrow! We’re going to have so many adventures, I can just tell.”

Session 1: Escaping the Gold Lion Inn
Roof-top chase with a useless NPC. What fun for beginners!

We met at The Gold Lion Inn, Bailinford. Blaze introduces us to Digby Arton. He welcomes us, and informs us that has a job for 6 people. He is about to explain further when 3 The Red Guard burst in, demanding that Arton hand over an item (The Ring?) he has that they claim belongs to The Chancellor. Arton, makes an escape up the stairs, inviting us to follow. Doobli infroms the group that The Red Guard are the police of Bailinford and enforcers of The Chancellor. We decide to attack!

The fight is short, so we check the front door of the Inn, and we see 20 more guard heading our way. Arton leads is up stairs to the second floor, telling us that he knows of a secret escape route to his house. We enter a room in the upper floor while Ceranya makes a distraction and Doobli blocks the door with a bed.

We follow Arton out the window and run along the rooftops, Ceranya nearly falls but Balardi catches her, knocking some tiles onto some guards below, alerting them. Guards appear in the window where we came from, following us. We jump onto a new roof, but Axis and Blaze nearly fall off there, too. We catch them, but the guards see us and follow along, shouting: “we know where you are going!”

We run along the roofs, coming to a wide gap that is too too far to jump. Balardi tries to throw a rope across. It misses, so Smee has a try and lands it. We see 5 guards below. Ceranya makes a distraction at the entrance to the alley, one guard goes to check it out. Blaze tries to convince them that we have archers trained on them, and if they value their lives, they should leave. They don’t believe us, and threaten us further.

We throw another rope across, and place a ladder across. Blaze jumps across, while the guards throw a dagger, hitting her in the thigh. She makes it across, bleeding slightly. Axis makes it, as does Doobli, Ceranya and Balardi. Arton runs and slips, but we provide covering fire while he pulls himself up. Smee makes it too, and we run along the rest of the rest of the roof, jumping the smaller gap… But Balardi doesn’t make it!

Arton suggests that Balardi can run around to the front of Arton’s House, but he almost runs into the guards manning the front door. Ceranya whispers in Balardi ear: “stop” and Axis and Arton decide to drop a rope down. Balardi climbs up, but makes some noise while doing so. However, the guards at the front of the house are still none the wiser.

We stop on the roof and Arton gives us 60g for helping him, and a Sharp Sword (which Blaze took). He also told us about a ring found in , and the best person to tell him more about it lives in The Witching Fen. He dispatched The Ring by way of a runner to the fen for identification, but the man he sent didn’t return. He promises further rewards if we follow the runner and find out why he did not return. Before we leave though, Arton promises to equip us for the journey if we help him gain entry to his house.

Blaze climbs down the ladder into the alleyway behind the house, to scout ahead. She cannot see anything, so we all join her. Smee takes Arton’s keys and opens the door quietly. Meanwhile a guard comes around the corner and spots the group. He calls out to others! They attack.

After a pitched battle in the alley, that spills into Arton’s house the last guard dropped his weapons. We interrogated him, but he knows nothing. We argue about what to do with him, some favouring killing him, others want to free him, or try to persuade him to help us escape. In the end we tied him up and Arton suggests we leave town, and suggests we head north to Johns Bridge to the inn. He also gives us some gold a Never-ending Picnic Basket.

We head to Johns Bridge, and book a room in the inn for the night.


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