Level 2 tiefling rogue


A Family Home

You would never know it, but Blaze came from a peaceful family background. Her small family lived in a modest cottage at the edge of a rambling forest.

Her father spent long days wandering and gathering. A woodcutter, hunter and gatherer, he knew the ways of the forest paths and the creatures who made their homes among the great trees. He was often serious and solemn, but always gladly embraced Blaze and her younger sister when he came home in the evening and would tell them tales of what he had seen in the forest, as well as more exciting tales of adventurers on far-off lands.

Her mother is gentle, patient and firm. Her passion was the plants that grew around their cottage and under the trees; she knew each one and their uses. She would use them to season their meals and to create medicines for the human villagers in the valley below. Although the humans did not welcome her family, they were tolerated and the knowledge and compassion shown by Blaze’s mother made them respected, if not completely accepted.

Blaze did not seem to have inherited many of her parents’ traits. She would run where she should walk. Her father said she had an aura for breaking things, but it was more the case that common objects could not withstand her enthusiasm. When asked to help with her mother’s work, she would invariably lose concentration halfway through her task and cheerfully continue onto the wrong step or the wrong recipe completely. If nothing else could be said for her, she did things wrong wholeheartedly.

Tragedy befell the small family when, one autumn evening, Blaze’s father did not return home. Blaze and her sister Tora stayed up late that night with their mother, sitting around their small hearth. Eventually they dozed off and awoke the next morning to their mother, dark-eyed, donning a cloak and kissing them goodbye. Blaze’s mother searched for many days, but found no trace of him. No longer having any forest goods to sustain them or to barter with the villagers, their family was in trouble. Blaze took her father’s old slingshot and a small backpack and headed towards the nearest city, the human city of Balinford, intent on doing whatever she was able to support her family. One day, when she is stronger and wiser, she hopes to return to the forest and solve the mystery of her father’s disappearance.

Earning a Living

Since her father’s disappearance, Blaze has been trying her hand at any jobs she can find in Balinford. On any given day, she can be found making rope with sailors and listening to their tales, lingering in a corner of an inn, or running errands at a blacksmith, printshop or market stall.

Her primary source of income and adventurous diversions, however, come from her friend Arton, a wily trader. Upon entering Balinford and seeking out work, Blaze soon came to meet Arton. Arton immediately recognised her brave spirit, quick tongue and even quicker reflexes. He asked her to accompany him on short quests from the city, raiding camps of gnolls and caves of wild animals to recover lost valuables.

As well as providing her sword and sling, Blaze helps Arton find buyers and sellers. She makes it her job to know every person in the city – especially people in search of special items, or people who might know their whereabouts. This has often involved spying from shadowed corners and eavesdropping from high windows and roofs, however, as one of the few teiflings in a human city, she finds it hard to be completely inconspicuous. She hasn’t worked as assassin or common thief, but has worked with members of those respective guilds and is not innocent of their shady dealings. Each month she sends a small package to her family, containing nearly all of what she has earned.


Blaze is short in stature for a teifling (and also for a human), with a solid build and a steady gaze. She has brown hair with hints of red and golden-brown eyes. Her signature teifling horns are more understated than others, partly because she is young, but also due to her petite size and possibly due to her strong earthly (close to nature) upbringing. She keeps her hair short and boyish, preferring practicality over looks.

The same sense of practicality applies to the clothes and weapons she chooses, however in this area some of her stubbornness translates into pride, inclining her to buying a few finer (yet still practical) items when she can. Blaze burnt her hands as a child, causing dark, mottled scarring that remains to this day. Her one major indulgence to impracticality is to wear long gloves, preferably made from the fine, strong, elf-woven Teraelin silk that can withstand the rigours of her work and adventuring. She will often remove the fingertips from the gloves once she has worn them in, allowing for more nimble fingers. She also wears a small wooden amulet in the shape of a hare, carved by her mother and given to her when she set out on her adventures.

Blaze is stubborn and outspoken but does tend to be a leader, as she is happy to loudly and repeatedly voice her opinion at whoever might be unlucky enough to have that responsibility, and generally head off on whims of her own. She is very quick-witted in a practical, reflexive way, and jumps to a decision almost instantly, leaving her impatient while others debate a decision. She does not often consider the longer-term outcomes of her decisions, however, or spend time reasoning with logic, making her a poor strategist and diplomat. She goes with her instincts and with her heart, and does not resent what fate deals her. Outwardly she always puts herself and her aims as priority. Exceptions to this rule are animals and children, who she will defend at great risk to herself. She can often seem extremely blunt and uncaring, but, as with all things, if Blaze decides to commit herself to a friendship, she is committed to the end.


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