Acton Adventures

Session 3: The Battle of the Cows!

We fight, set fire to a barn, and are rewarded!

Blaze sees some wood fences, and past them, sees 3 or 4 torchlights in the field. Blaze wakes us up. Doobli goes out to investigate, and sees a bunch of men standing around a freshly mutilated corpse. We try to sneak behind a nearby barn, and are seen! We are appoached by the leader of the gang, who turns out to be Fruthondethus. He attacks, and men open windows in the barn and start shooting us.

During the battle, Dooblie sets the barn on fire. and we pin a number of Fruthondethus’s Gang inside. Fruthondethus runs off into the darkness. We fight for a bit, then Gemondethus shows up, and demands the fighting stops!

We stop the fight, and stand down. We show Gemondethus the body, and fruthedethus comes back, to say that he was paid to chase the farmers out of town. Gemondethus offers us to take us to back to the farmstead for a reward. Blaze intimidates fruthedethus, and he reveals that the chancellor of bailinford is paying him to run the farmers off the land, so the chancellor can buy the land cheap.

We head to the farm house and gemondethus gives us 60g, healing pots x2 and a pair of Catstep Boots. We also get xp. gemondethus thanks us, and offers us a place to stay whenever we wanted. We sleep at the farmhouse. The next morning, gemondethus wakes us and warns us that some one has come to the door, asking after us and wanting to speak to the son. We choose to leave.



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