Acton Adventures

Session 10: Take me to... Zombie Town!

zombies braains

Doobli studies the dead bodies, and explains that zombies such as these are very likely to be raised by an external force, someone who is their master now. Ceranya guesses that the rough range of the zombie control is about a days travel. We look ahead to the town, and decide to rest until morning. Balardi keeps watch.

In the dark of the night, Balardi looks out into the darkness, thinking about pies. Glancing back to the group, he notices a shadow behind her. 2 zombies have crept up on the party while we slept! Balardi Wakes up the group and Ceranya and Smee quickly put them down. We sleep till morning.

We cautiously walk towards Milesea. As we approach,Blaze tells us that Milesea is known as a fishing village, but it is also notable for having the only known library. We also know that Milesea is a fronter town that acts as an adventurer hub for the wilds in the west. We notice that there is smoke rising from the town center, with smashed houses around. THe docks to the south seem unharmed for now. As we approach, we start passing houses that look damaged and broken on either side of us.

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We approach the city center, it is a ruin. Accross the square we a building that is smoking, the doors blown open. To the north the library stands, doors unopened. Standing opersite the square stands the Duck and Lizard, a pub. Nearest us we see a blacksmith, it’s back wall destroyed.

Blaze peeks around the broken wall of the blacksmiths, and sees inside. It appears to be smashed up, and there has obviously been a fire. There is smoke in the room, and rubble. Doobli aproaches from the other side, and he walks in. He does not notice anything. Doobli searches through the rubble, and discovers two weapons. A Hungry Longspear +2 and a warhammer +2. Ceranya can tell that they are magical (she does this by suspending a mouse-talisman over the item). Balardi takes the longspear and Doobli takes the Warhammer.



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