Acton Adventures

Orc Ambush

We thank Ms Grace, and head back the way we came, back towards the grasslands. On the way back, we find the body of the rider, but the corpse is disturbed, and we see footprints. We deterimine that there were 3 orcs. as we talked about it, they attack (turns out they were very close!

An epic battle follows, and one of the orcs legs it over the hills. We kill the remaining, and find 120g and 200 xp! We continue on, camping near the fjord ready to push on the next day to Balinford. We cross the fjord, and Blaze notices that the road has taken heaver traffic then usual. We head south to Balinford, on the way we find a man with a wagon. One wheel is broken, and there are large sacks inside. We approach, and he backs away, scared.

Seven league house, Duff Paddy.

As we approach balinford, and as we get near, a guard approaches. We hide in the cart. Paddy lets us know that he passes, he also suggests that we stop and put some hay. Smee buys some hay and we line the cart with it. It’s getting dark, and rainy. There are 2 guards at the gate, and one on the watchtower. Paddy hesitantly talks to the guards, but his voice gives away his worry. The guard opens a bag, and sees the toys. and lets paddy (and us) in. We gain 100 xp. We pass Arton’s house, and it’s a burnt out ruin. Blaze guides Paddy to The Gold Lion Inn.

Blaze knocks on the door, and an old woman opens the door. She asks the woman to pass on a message to Roger, the innkeep, that she is there. He opens the door, and lets us in to the bar. We order a round, and Roger says:

Since you fled the inn, arton lay low. Roger heard word that arton’s house was burnt down, and he knows nothing more. We rest the night.



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