Acton Adventures

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We explore the bar, it seems untouched. Doobli notices a trap door behind the bar. Blaze examines the trapdoor, and opens it. Blardi leads us down under the bar, carrying a torch. Someone yells out: “who are you?!?”. He introduces himself, and he lets them know there are no zombies near. The voice says it’s ok, and lights torches.

We see a man (who introduces himself as gilrod, the tavern keeper). He informs us that the zombies swarmed the town a night ago. A few of the towns people secured themselves below the bar, to protect themselves. Ceranya asks if there is anyone new in town. Gilrod says that there is many people who come and go in town, but the only person who has stayed is Tylor. There are 2 other men in the room, 2 women and a number of children. Arton enters the room, and reveals the ring. It is glowing. Smee asks if the ring is meant to do that. Arton replies: “no, I knew it had historical significance, no one knew it could do this”. A woman approaches, and wants to look at the ring. She introduces herself as the librarian, she was looking after the children when the zombie horde arrived. She thinks she saw something related to the ring in the library. A man approaches, indtroducing himself as the assistant to the mayor, asking for more info.

Ceyranya tells them there are still a few zombies out there, and he wonders where the rest went. It turns out there were thousands before, but we have only seen 8 all told. The assistant tells us that the zombies came out from nowhere, and when they arrived they all took shelter and barracaded the Inn. He suggests the best move is to find the Mayor. As we leave, one of the other men accosts balardi wanting to know if she holds his spear. He tells the man that he found it in the store. He asks for it back once the zombies are dealt with. The librarian gives us a key to the library. We leave.



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