Acton Adventures

Milesea horde battle

We leave the inn and find a massive zombie horde, lead by a shambling abomination!

360 xp from the fight of the horde of zombies. 750g, too.
We find a neckless of the godess undeath on the abomination. This is used in the creation of abominations, but it weakens the further it goes from the place of creation. Its as a holy symbol +1.

We also find some smooth chrystal bracers (mindiron vambracers), We also find a rope belt that allows attacks from prone with no penalty.

Arton and the villagers come of of the inn, and thank us. We rest. We decide to approach the docks, discovering a wreckage, we find a few intact boats. We investigate the larger intact boat. As we approach we hear a voice in the boat asking: “who’s there?”.

We talk to the voices, asking after the mayor. We say that Cedric sent us, and the Mayor comes out. We promise to escort him back to the inn. We get 50xp. The npcs gather to have a meeting. They ask if we can look after their zombie problems. We agree.



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