Acton Adventures

Session 2: Johns Bridge Misadventures

Side-quests ahoy! Who cares about the evil henchman asking about our whereabouts, we've got a mystery to solve!

We arrived at Johns Bridge at midnight. The Inn Keeper was mildly put out by our late arrival, but offers us rooms anyway. We slept the night.

We all wake, and go down stairs. It’s cold out, but warm in the tavern. The inn keeper is cooking us breakfast. Barlardi gets directions to the marsh… Well, a path over the grasslands. The Innkeep tells us stories of goblins and kobolds etc. He also lets us know that a man on horseback, came looking for us from [[Bailinford]. A member of The Red Guard. Innkeep says that he holds no care for them and so he did not say anything.

He implied that there might be some problems around the town, but Ceranya suggests we move on quickly. Barladi asks for more info, but we don’t get much. Only a name, Gemondethus. He is a farmer and council member, lives 1/2 a mile north of the town.

We walk to the farmstead, and Barladi goes and knocks on the door. It is answered by a young man who looks surprised. Barladi enquires, and he suggests that we might be looking for Lucy...? Barladi suggests we talk to Gemondethus. The young man gets his dad: he asks what we want… Barladi says we can help.

He tells us that a few weeks ago one of the farmers reported that 3 of his cattle were mutilated. Since then, 2 other framers have reported the loss of 3 cattle each. No one knows why. As a side issue, he points us to Lucy’s parents. He suggested there is no correlation between the events, and no leads to speak of. He did point us to the other farmers: Froakesongstealer, Pans Pegassion and Marven Chauster. Marvin lives over the road, pans and froaks live on the south side of town. There are two other farms who haven’t been hit yet. Belbourn Conner, who lives to the west and Seahand Fletcher, who lives out east across the bridge.

We go see Marvin, he shows us the corpses of the cows on his farm. Doobli notices that the cows are stripped, butcher style. He also tells us that Gemondethus does the meat processing once the cows are carved up. He tells us that Belbourn and Seahand are enemies. We also notice that there are a lot of human footprints around the bodies.

We go to see Belbourn, walking through town to get there. His farm is smaller, with more sheep. Belbourn immediately blames Seahand. He also tells us that the price of cow is better then sheep.

We walk to Seahand’s farm, back through town. As we cross the bridge we see a fisherman who is watching us. We ask him if he knows anything about Lucy and the cows. Fisherman knows nothing. We move on to Seahands’.

We knock and another farmer answers the door. He blames Belbourn. He also knows nothing about Lucy. He does let us search his farm, we found nothing.

We go see Lucy’s parents place, and persuade them to talk to us. She was going for a walk with a big dog she found. They walked out north (near Marven’s Farm). Meanwhile, balardi asks Belbourn if he know about Lucy. He knows nothing.

We go see froaks. He excitedly shows us the corpses. Same scene as before. Froaks tells us that all the other farmers are weird, but feels that farmers are strange :) he has no suspicions. He points us towards Gemondethus’s son. Same thing for pans.

We go to back see Marven, and ask about Lucy. He tells us she walks the dog in the forest to the north. We go look. We see some disturbed bushes, and follow a rough path. We come across a big cave. Blaze sees a girl wearing normal clothes who is chained up, a MASSIVE dog sleeping in front of her.

We carefully approach and Doobli notices she is unharmed, but asleep. Trace notices that she is magically asleep. Doobli gets too close and the wolf charges. The dog attacks, and we carefully attack. During the battle, Blaze and Balardi attempt to break the chain that ties Lucy to the rockface. Once lucy is free, they try to use the chain to subdue the dog, but he is too ferocious. He howls, and more wolves enter the cave! We fight them off, and Axis managed to get a killing blow on the wolf. Lucy wakes up, and yells: “Jason!!” (press x)

Lucy is beside herself, she believed the dog (who we realised now is a wolfwere) was her only friend. He had promised to take her away from Johns Bridge, and it seems had chained her there till nightfall, where he could be human again. We lead Lucy home to her parents. Her father is happy to see her, and rewards us with 60g.

We decide to rest in the forest overlooking Gemondethus’s Farm, hoping that the gamble will pay off, and we can find out more about the cattle killing. Later that night, when Blaze is on watch, she hears movement in the herd…



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