Acton Adventures

Further exploration in Milesea


We exit the inn, and discover 7 more zombies. We attack them! In the midst of battle, a skeletal rider arrives from the docks part of the city, and charges the group. After pitched battle, Arton comes running out of the tavern to let us know that the ring is no longer glowing.

We check the town hall, but don’t see any evidance of mayor Stevens. In a chest we find 60g which we don’t take. We also find no evidence of where the mayor is.

We check the library door. The key first the back door. We enter the library and ceranya quickly determines the nature of the library system. We look up greenhaven. Ceranya and Doobli find mention of an anchient magical ring, that always returns to the owner, that is rewards it’s owner with luck and wealth.

Insert ring story here.



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