Acton Adventures

Fleeing the Town aka Doobli's Shit Plan

Arton tells us he has some contacts in Milesea that can shelter him, but he has no means of getting there safely. He contracts us to get him out of the city, and to Milesea safely, offering 100g per person. We accept his offer, and set about coming up with a plan.

Many ideas are thrown around, including a stunningly brilliant plan by Barlardi and Blaze to disguise the group as a circus troupĂ© with the aid of costumes from Chickenfeet, but finally we decide to borrow (at this stage) two priestly robes from the high priest and send two people out into the city to procure a cart and horses. Blaze and Doobli volunteer to go out, as Doobli is the closest we have to a priest and Blaze knows the city. They head out the back door of the temple run straight into a Red Guard. The Red Guard eyes them suspiciously and says he is looking for some fugitives. Doobli blesses the guard, and wishes him well in his search. The guard seems to accept this, thanks Doobli and wanders up to the end of the lane. As Blaze and Doobli head out, they see 6 or 7 Red Guards hanging around the front of the Temple… getting out is not going to be that easy it seems.

They stop in at the local discounted items market, Chickenfeet and buy 5 large canvas sacks. Doobli manages to annoy the pimply-faced youth who was manning the market and Doobli pulls out his axe in anger. The pimply faced youth runs off in search of the guards, so Blaze and Doobli decide its a good time to leave.

Blaze leads them to a small stable and they start haggling over the price of hiring a cart and horses for the week. As Blaze is haggling over the price with the stablemaster, Doobli looks around at the stable-hands shovelling, and has a twinkle of a good idea. Doobli offers to take away a pile of the manure in the cart they hire, for a reduction in price. The stablemaster begrudgingly accepts this and gives them a 15g discount. They line the floor of the cart with shit and Doobli helps them pile the crap into the back of the cart. All up, they leave with two horses, a cart and a large steaming pile of manure, for 75g(?).

Blaze drives the cart back to the back door of the Temple, which is still being watched by guards. The guards give them a wave as they go back into the temple. The high priest lets them stay for the night, and also sells them the two robes for 5g (despite them being completely threadbare).

Early the next morning, Ceranya and Blaze put on the robes, and the rest of the group and Arton slide in under the crap. Axis is cursing Doobli and his shitty plan as he slides under the bags. Blaze and Ceranya drive the cart out to the gate. The market people are already setting up, and the guards seem to be checking everyone who leaves.

When our turn comes up, one guard comes over while the other guard hangs back at the gate. The guard looks suspiciously at our cart and pokes his halberd into the manure pile, injuring Arton, who squeals from under the muck. Ceranya does some fast talking telling the guard that we have some pigs in the crap pile, utilising her orb of awesome bluff thingo. One of the guards falls for it, but unfortunately, the other guard doesn´t. The other guard comes over with his sword drawn and is about to stab it into the crap again when Blaze smacks the reins down hard, and sets the cart flying out the gate. One of the guards manages to jump onto the cart, while the other is able to grab hold of the back of the cart and is dragged along for a while before hs can pull himself up.

We fight the two guards on the cart. All the awesome abilities we have that could knock them flying fail and miss, so we beat them down the old fashioned way. One of the guards grabs hold of Arton, so Axis also grabs hold of Arton and tugs him free from the guards grasp. Just as the second guard is dispatched, two archers on horseback come into range and start peppering the cart with arrows. Axis takes over the reins from Blaze and Ceranya, and they let loose a volley of return fire. One of the guards falls from his saddle, the other looks close to falling, but only just manages to turn back before Ceranya can finish him off.



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