Acton Adventures

Finding Arton

We wake up from a restful night and wander downstairs to have breakfast in the tavern, except Doobli who sleeps in. Barlardi partakes of some smelly cheese and offers it to everyone.

The innkeeper hands us a note that was left for us. It appears to be from Arton, who says he is staying with a mutual friend. Doobli wanders down and sets himself up at the bar.

Blaze goes back to her rented apartment in the Poor Quarter in case Arton had holed up there, she finds no trace of him. She grabs some clean gloves and socks and heads back to the inn.

Ceranya searches ye olde magic shoppes for clues. She enters Artifacts-R-Us and gets a little distracted by all the shiny things. The shopkeep has no information about Arton’s whereabouts, but as Ceranya leaves, an old woman approaches her. The old womans says that she hopes Arton is alright, and carefully adds “bless ye” before leaving. Ceranya thinks this is a clue.

Doobli drinks at the bar collecting his thoughts.

Barlardi goes down to the docks, makes some new friends amongst the dock workers, and learns the dock workers secret greeting gesture. He also finds out where to charter a ship.

After a few morning steins, Doobli finally remembers he had meant to check out the High Priest of Pelor. The group gather back at the inn and they head off to the Temple of Pelor (in the trading/middle class quarter), taking care to travel separately in pairs to avoid attention. Axis and Ceranya go together, Blaze and Barlardi go as a team, and Doobli drags the unusually limp Smee along.

I can remember what happened with Axis and Ceranya on the way to the temple, or at the temple

Doobli and Smee arrive at the temple, Doobli strides up to the high priest who greets them very warmly. Doobli asks if there is anything that can be done to help Smee who has been struck dumb, the high priest is unable to help in this area unfortunately.

Blaze and Barlardi are followed by Red Guards on the way to the temple. Blaze gets the feeling she is being followed, and catches a glimpse of red and a flash of blonde hair ducking for cover as she turns to look. Blaze grabs Barlardi and pulls them into a nearby alley. The Red Guard goes past and Blaze sneaks out to follow. Little does she know, but there is another Red Guard further back who asks her to identify herself. Somewhere in all this, Barlardi loses control of his flatulence, and does a critical fart, momentarily distracting the guards. Blaze is able to bluff the guards into thinking that she is not the Blaze they are looking for, and they wander off.

Blaze and Barlardi arrive at the temple and proceed to talk to the high priest, the rest of the group wander over to join them. Someone Ceranya? tells the high priest that we are looking for Arton. The high priest informs us that a lot of people seem to be looking for him. When directly asked whether he knows where Arton would be, the high priest says he is unsure whether he can trust us. Doobli gets in his face stomach, and says he is unsure whether he can trust the high priest. Ceranya smooths the waters, showing him the ring. The high priest beckons us to follow him.

We head through the back of the temple and through a hidden bookcase door, down some very old looking stairs lits by torches. Doobli, still unsure whether he can trust the priest, grabs a torch off the wall and looks at the priest robe with a twinkle in his eye. Axis also grabs a torch. The priest says “Oh good, you brought torches. It is dark down here.”

We reach a room and see a man hunched over, working at a desk on the far side of the room. As we enter, he turns… it’s Arton! Blaze runs over excitedly to hug him. At the same time, Doobli throws his torch at Arton’s head. Luckily Blaze blows Arton over backwards and Arton avoids serious injury, or did he get burnt?.

There is some brief discussion about relative worths of things (like rings)… Doobli smacks Smee on the back of the head and Smee produces The Ring. We recall that it is the Ring of Greenhaven, passed down by the Dukes of Greenhaven. Ceranya recalls inspecting it and finding that it had great magical power, greater than she’d ever felt before. Blaze grabs it from Smee and gives it to Arton. Arton gives us some gold (360g) and a Robe of something or other preparation? which Ceranya gleefully grabs. He also gives us some Boots of water walking.



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