Acton Adventures

Exploring Milesea

more zombies

We approach the Duck and Lizard. Axis peers into the window, and sees there is no exidence of a disturbance, but no evidence of recient activity either. Doobli knocks, with no response. Blaze attempts to lockpick the door, without sucsess, so she goes around to a side door and unlocks that. Axis attempts to open the door, but it is stuck. Smee pushes at the door, and it opens an inch. He keeps pushing, while Ceranya calls out to anyone in the room, to no response. The door jams. Blaze approches the final door, but does not get in.

Doobli attempts to smash the door, with no success. Axis tries too, and the door creaks a little. We all lay into the door, and Balardi knocks the door down. At that moment, 4 zombies approach from the back of the library. Turn to face them. Ceranya puts down two of them before they even get a 1/3rd of the way across the square. Axis charges at the lead zombie and strikes at it, drawing it’s focus. Doobli charges past the lead zombie, dodging a swipe and calls on his divine power from the raven goddess to blast the undead. The lead zombie gets blasted back into the fountain. Smee shoots down the rear zombie, while the rest of the group focuses on the zombie in the fountain. Blaze strikes deaply into the zombie, doing a massive blow to it. The zombie turns and smacks back at her, pushing her away. Axis continues to lay into the zombie and Doobli charges at it, finishing it off.



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