Acton Adventures

after the ambush

we get loots! leather armour (shock weave), a note off the mage, 160xp and 40 gp each. The note is an instruction to the mage to watch the road in case we come this way. Blaze climbs the tower, and gets a clear view of the way forward. She also finds a chest at the base of the tower, which Blaze lock picks. Inside is 15 gp each and a healing potion.

Shadowweave armor
resist 5 lighting
encounter power adds lightning damage 1d10
inc melee damage trigger, +8 vs Fort 2d10 lightning damage

We head to the beach and wash off the poo. We get back to the cart, and follow the beach road. as we move on, we find 2 people huddled around something in the middle of the road. We approach, and realize they are zombies. Smee shoots off an arrow at both of them, and they die.



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