Acton Adventures

Milesea horde battle

We leave the inn and find a massive zombie horde, lead by a shambling abomination!

360 xp from the fight of the horde of zombies. 750g, too.
We find a neckless of the godess undeath on the abomination. This is used in the creation of abominations, but it weakens the further it goes from the place of creation. Its as a holy symbol +1.

We also find some smooth chrystal bracers (mindiron vambracers), We also find a rope belt that allows attacks from prone with no penalty.

Arton and the villagers come of of the inn, and thank us. We rest. We decide to approach the docks, discovering a wreckage, we find a few intact boats. We investigate the larger intact boat. As we approach we hear a voice in the boat asking: “who’s there?”.

We talk to the voices, asking after the mayor. We say that Cedric sent us, and the Mayor comes out. We promise to escort him back to the inn. We get 50xp. The npcs gather to have a meeting. They ask if we can look after their zombie problems. We agree.

Further exploration in Milesea

We exit the inn, and discover 7 more zombies. We attack them! In the midst of battle, a skeletal rider arrives from the docks part of the city, and charges the group. After pitched battle, Arton comes running out of the tavern to let us know that the ring is no longer glowing.

We check the town hall, but don’t see any evidance of mayor Stevens. In a chest we find 60g which we don’t take. We also find no evidence of where the mayor is.

We check the library door. The key first the back door. We enter the library and ceranya quickly determines the nature of the library system. We look up greenhaven. Ceranya and Doobli find mention of an anchient magical ring, that always returns to the owner, that is rewards it’s owner with luck and wealth.

Insert ring story here.

More at Milesea

We explore the bar, it seems untouched. Doobli notices a trap door behind the bar. Blaze examines the trapdoor, and opens it. Blardi leads us down under the bar, carrying a torch. Someone yells out: “who are you?!?”. He introduces himself, and he lets them know there are no zombies near. The voice says it’s ok, and lights torches.

We see a man (who introduces himself as gilrod, the tavern keeper). He informs us that the zombies swarmed the town a night ago. A few of the towns people secured themselves below the bar, to protect themselves. Ceranya asks if there is anyone new in town. Gilrod says that there is many people who come and go in town, but the only person who has stayed is Tylor. There are 2 other men in the room, 2 women and a number of children. Arton enters the room, and reveals the ring. It is glowing. Smee asks if the ring is meant to do that. Arton replies: “no, I knew it had historical significance, no one knew it could do this”. A woman approaches, and wants to look at the ring. She introduces herself as the librarian, she was looking after the children when the zombie horde arrived. She thinks she saw something related to the ring in the library. A man approaches, indtroducing himself as the assistant to the mayor, asking for more info.

Ceyranya tells them there are still a few zombies out there, and he wonders where the rest went. It turns out there were thousands before, but we have only seen 8 all told. The assistant tells us that the zombies came out from nowhere, and when they arrived they all took shelter and barracaded the Inn. He suggests the best move is to find the Mayor. As we leave, one of the other men accosts balardi wanting to know if she holds his spear. He tells the man that he found it in the store. He asks for it back once the zombies are dealt with. The librarian gives us a key to the library. We leave.

Exploring Milesea
more zombies

We approach the Duck and Lizard. Axis peers into the window, and sees there is no exidence of a disturbance, but no evidence of recient activity either. Doobli knocks, with no response. Blaze attempts to lockpick the door, without sucsess, so she goes around to a side door and unlocks that. Axis attempts to open the door, but it is stuck. Smee pushes at the door, and it opens an inch. He keeps pushing, while Ceranya calls out to anyone in the room, to no response. The door jams. Blaze approches the final door, but does not get in.

Doobli attempts to smash the door, with no success. Axis tries too, and the door creaks a little. We all lay into the door, and Balardi knocks the door down. At that moment, 4 zombies approach from the back of the library. Turn to face them. Ceranya puts down two of them before they even get a 1/3rd of the way across the square. Axis charges at the lead zombie and strikes at it, drawing it’s focus. Doobli charges past the lead zombie, dodging a swipe and calls on his divine power from the raven goddess to blast the undead. The lead zombie gets blasted back into the fountain. Smee shoots down the rear zombie, while the rest of the group focuses on the zombie in the fountain. Blaze strikes deaply into the zombie, doing a massive blow to it. The zombie turns and smacks back at her, pushing her away. Axis continues to lay into the zombie and Doobli charges at it, finishing it off.

Session 10: Take me to... Zombie Town!
zombies braains

Doobli studies the dead bodies, and explains that zombies such as these are very likely to be raised by an external force, someone who is their master now. Ceranya guesses that the rough range of the zombie control is about a days travel. We look ahead to the town, and decide to rest until morning. Balardi keeps watch.

In the dark of the night, Balardi looks out into the darkness, thinking about pies. Glancing back to the group, he notices a shadow behind her. 2 zombies have crept up on the party while we slept! Balardi Wakes up the group and Ceranya and Smee quickly put them down. We sleep till morning.

We cautiously walk towards Milesea. As we approach,Blaze tells us that Milesea is known as a fishing village, but it is also notable for having the only known library. We also know that Milesea is a fronter town that acts as an adventurer hub for the wilds in the west. We notice that there is smoke rising from the town center, with smashed houses around. THe docks to the south seem unharmed for now. As we approach, we start passing houses that look damaged and broken on either side of us.

Insert Photo here

We approach the city center, it is a ruin. Accross the square we a building that is smoking, the doors blown open. To the north the library stands, doors unopened. Standing opersite the square stands the Duck and Lizard, a pub. Nearest us we see a blacksmith, it’s back wall destroyed.

Blaze peeks around the broken wall of the blacksmiths, and sees inside. It appears to be smashed up, and there has obviously been a fire. There is smoke in the room, and rubble. Doobli aproaches from the other side, and he walks in. He does not notice anything. Doobli searches through the rubble, and discovers two weapons. A Hungry Longspear +2 and a warhammer +2. Ceranya can tell that they are magical (she does this by suspending a mouse-talisman over the item). Balardi takes the longspear and Doobli takes the Warhammer.

after the ambush

we get loots! leather armour (shock weave), a note off the mage, 160xp and 40 gp each. The note is an instruction to the mage to watch the road in case we come this way. Blaze climbs the tower, and gets a clear view of the way forward. She also finds a chest at the base of the tower, which Blaze lock picks. Inside is 15 gp each and a healing potion.

Shadowweave armor
resist 5 lighting
encounter power adds lightning damage 1d10
inc melee damage trigger, +8 vs Fort 2d10 lightning damage

We head to the beach and wash off the poo. We get back to the cart, and follow the beach road. as we move on, we find 2 people huddled around something in the middle of the road. We approach, and realize they are zombies. Smee shoots off an arrow at both of them, and they die.

session sunshine

We decide to go off road to get back to the road to Milesea, stopping for lunch on the way. We decide to head to the beach to wash up before entering the town. As we head to the beach, Blaze notices a strange shimmering along the track. We get ambushed!!

Fleeing the Town aka Doobli's Shit Plan

Arton tells us he has some contacts in Milesea that can shelter him, but he has no means of getting there safely. He contracts us to get him out of the city, and to Milesea safely, offering 100g per person. We accept his offer, and set about coming up with a plan.

Many ideas are thrown around, including a stunningly brilliant plan by Barlardi and Blaze to disguise the group as a circus troupé with the aid of costumes from Chickenfeet, but finally we decide to borrow (at this stage) two priestly robes from the high priest and send two people out into the city to procure a cart and horses. Blaze and Doobli volunteer to go out, as Doobli is the closest we have to a priest and Blaze knows the city. They head out the back door of the temple run straight into a Red Guard. The Red Guard eyes them suspiciously and says he is looking for some fugitives. Doobli blesses the guard, and wishes him well in his search. The guard seems to accept this, thanks Doobli and wanders up to the end of the lane. As Blaze and Doobli head out, they see 6 or 7 Red Guards hanging around the front of the Temple… getting out is not going to be that easy it seems.

They stop in at the local discounted items market, Chickenfeet and buy 5 large canvas sacks. Doobli manages to annoy the pimply-faced youth who was manning the market and Doobli pulls out his axe in anger. The pimply faced youth runs off in search of the guards, so Blaze and Doobli decide its a good time to leave.

Blaze leads them to a small stable and they start haggling over the price of hiring a cart and horses for the week. As Blaze is haggling over the price with the stablemaster, Doobli looks around at the stable-hands shovelling, and has a twinkle of a good idea. Doobli offers to take away a pile of the manure in the cart they hire, for a reduction in price. The stablemaster begrudgingly accepts this and gives them a 15g discount. They line the floor of the cart with shit and Doobli helps them pile the crap into the back of the cart. All up, they leave with two horses, a cart and a large steaming pile of manure, for 75g(?).

Blaze drives the cart back to the back door of the Temple, which is still being watched by guards. The guards give them a wave as they go back into the temple. The high priest lets them stay for the night, and also sells them the two robes for 5g (despite them being completely threadbare).

Early the next morning, Ceranya and Blaze put on the robes, and the rest of the group and Arton slide in under the crap. Axis is cursing Doobli and his shitty plan as he slides under the bags. Blaze and Ceranya drive the cart out to the gate. The market people are already setting up, and the guards seem to be checking everyone who leaves.

When our turn comes up, one guard comes over while the other guard hangs back at the gate. The guard looks suspiciously at our cart and pokes his halberd into the manure pile, injuring Arton, who squeals from under the muck. Ceranya does some fast talking telling the guard that we have some pigs in the crap pile, utilising her orb of awesome bluff thingo. One of the guards falls for it, but unfortunately, the other guard doesn´t. The other guard comes over with his sword drawn and is about to stab it into the crap again when Blaze smacks the reins down hard, and sets the cart flying out the gate. One of the guards manages to jump onto the cart, while the other is able to grab hold of the back of the cart and is dragged along for a while before hs can pull himself up.

We fight the two guards on the cart. All the awesome abilities we have that could knock them flying fail and miss, so we beat them down the old fashioned way. One of the guards grabs hold of Arton, so Axis also grabs hold of Arton and tugs him free from the guards grasp. Just as the second guard is dispatched, two archers on horseback come into range and start peppering the cart with arrows. Axis takes over the reins from Blaze and Ceranya, and they let loose a volley of return fire. One of the guards falls from his saddle, the other looks close to falling, but only just manages to turn back before Ceranya can finish him off.

Finding Arton

We wake up from a restful night and wander downstairs to have breakfast in the tavern, except Doobli who sleeps in. Barlardi partakes of some smelly cheese and offers it to everyone.

The innkeeper hands us a note that was left for us. It appears to be from Arton, who says he is staying with a mutual friend. Doobli wanders down and sets himself up at the bar.

Blaze goes back to her rented apartment in the Poor Quarter in case Arton had holed up there, she finds no trace of him. She grabs some clean gloves and socks and heads back to the inn.

Ceranya searches ye olde magic shoppes for clues. She enters Artifacts-R-Us and gets a little distracted by all the shiny things. The shopkeep has no information about Arton’s whereabouts, but as Ceranya leaves, an old woman approaches her. The old womans says that she hopes Arton is alright, and carefully adds “bless ye” before leaving. Ceranya thinks this is a clue.

Doobli drinks at the bar collecting his thoughts.

Barlardi goes down to the docks, makes some new friends amongst the dock workers, and learns the dock workers secret greeting gesture. He also finds out where to charter a ship.

After a few morning steins, Doobli finally remembers he had meant to check out the High Priest of Pelor. The group gather back at the inn and they head off to the Temple of Pelor (in the trading/middle class quarter), taking care to travel separately in pairs to avoid attention. Axis and Ceranya go together, Blaze and Barlardi go as a team, and Doobli drags the unusually limp Smee along.

I can remember what happened with Axis and Ceranya on the way to the temple, or at the temple

Doobli and Smee arrive at the temple, Doobli strides up to the high priest who greets them very warmly. Doobli asks if there is anything that can be done to help Smee who has been struck dumb, the high priest is unable to help in this area unfortunately.

Blaze and Barlardi are followed by Red Guards on the way to the temple. Blaze gets the feeling she is being followed, and catches a glimpse of red and a flash of blonde hair ducking for cover as she turns to look. Blaze grabs Barlardi and pulls them into a nearby alley. The Red Guard goes past and Blaze sneaks out to follow. Little does she know, but there is another Red Guard further back who asks her to identify herself. Somewhere in all this, Barlardi loses control of his flatulence, and does a critical fart, momentarily distracting the guards. Blaze is able to bluff the guards into thinking that she is not the Blaze they are looking for, and they wander off.

Blaze and Barlardi arrive at the temple and proceed to talk to the high priest, the rest of the group wander over to join them. Someone Ceranya? tells the high priest that we are looking for Arton. The high priest informs us that a lot of people seem to be looking for him. When directly asked whether he knows where Arton would be, the high priest says he is unsure whether he can trust us. Doobli gets in his face stomach, and says he is unsure whether he can trust the high priest. Ceranya smooths the waters, showing him the ring. The high priest beckons us to follow him.

We head through the back of the temple and through a hidden bookcase door, down some very old looking stairs lits by torches. Doobli, still unsure whether he can trust the priest, grabs a torch off the wall and looks at the priest robe with a twinkle in his eye. Axis also grabs a torch. The priest says “Oh good, you brought torches. It is dark down here.”

We reach a room and see a man hunched over, working at a desk on the far side of the room. As we enter, he turns… it’s Arton! Blaze runs over excitedly to hug him. At the same time, Doobli throws his torch at Arton’s head. Luckily Blaze blows Arton over backwards and Arton avoids serious injury, or did he get burnt?.

There is some brief discussion about relative worths of things (like rings)… Doobli smacks Smee on the back of the head and Smee produces The Ring. We recall that it is the Ring of Greenhaven, passed down by the Dukes of Greenhaven. Ceranya recalls inspecting it and finding that it had great magical power, greater than she’d ever felt before. Blaze grabs it from Smee and gives it to Arton. Arton gives us some gold (360g) and a Robe of something or other preparation? which Ceranya gleefully grabs. He also gives us some Boots of water walking.

Orc Ambush

We thank Ms Grace, and head back the way we came, back towards the grasslands. On the way back, we find the body of the rider, but the corpse is disturbed, and we see footprints. We deterimine that there were 3 orcs. as we talked about it, they attack (turns out they were very close!

An epic battle follows, and one of the orcs legs it over the hills. We kill the remaining, and find 120g and 200 xp! We continue on, camping near the fjord ready to push on the next day to Balinford. We cross the fjord, and Blaze notices that the road has taken heaver traffic then usual. We head south to Balinford, on the way we find a man with a wagon. One wheel is broken, and there are large sacks inside. We approach, and he backs away, scared.

Seven league house, Duff Paddy.

As we approach balinford, and as we get near, a guard approaches. We hide in the cart. Paddy lets us know that he passes, he also suggests that we stop and put some hay. Smee buys some hay and we line the cart with it. It’s getting dark, and rainy. There are 2 guards at the gate, and one on the watchtower. Paddy hesitantly talks to the guards, but his voice gives away his worry. The guard opens a bag, and sees the toys. and lets paddy (and us) in. We gain 100 xp. We pass Arton’s house, and it’s a burnt out ruin. Blaze guides Paddy to The Gold Lion Inn.

Blaze knocks on the door, and an old woman opens the door. She asks the woman to pass on a message to Roger, the innkeep, that she is there. He opens the door, and lets us in to the bar. We order a round, and Roger says:

Since you fled the inn, arton lay low. Roger heard word that arton’s house was burnt down, and he knows nothing more. We rest the night.


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